Best Tools for Troubleshooting Problems with CSS and XHTML

Different browsers have their own ways of helping developers troubleshoot problems with positioning divs and combating errors that pop up here and there.

I have found a few tools that are extremely valuable for developing web pages. I’m sure these are very popular due to their ability of helping isolate and fix problems.

I prefer Firefox browser so these are my favorite browser add-ons and their features that I really like:

  • Firebug – view divs onscreen, explore code and its output onscreen
  • Web Developer Toolbar – one-click validation, resize screen to 800×600, disable cache, lots more – an army of tools
  • Total Validator – validates complete with screenshots in various browsers
  • ColorZilla – color picker, great view of css divs, zooms page

Care to add to my list? What do you use to help in your WordPress and web page design?

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