Demonstration of the Usefulness of the Stop() Action

The jQuery InnerFade plugin lets you fade elements in and out of a container. Below are two news ticker type lists. The top list uses the original InnerFade plugin and the second list uses an improved version of the InnerFade plugin.

Good Ideas with Original InnerFade Plugin


Good Ideas with Stop() Action Improved InnerFade Plugin


To see the effect that the stop() action targets, leave this page open in a browser tab and navigate to another tab for 30 seconds or so. Come back to this page and see how the upper and lower news tickers differ.

The lower ticker is improved by clearing out the stacked up animations as soon as the tab is reopened. The upper ticker has to run through all the animations in the queue and may take several seconds to appear as expected.

For further explanation, see the post, jQuery Stop Action Improves InnerFade Plugin.

Download the improved InnerFade plugin, InnerFade2 for jQuery.