How to Find That New Color Scheme for Your Next Website Design

I’ve been cruising through some new sites – to me at least – to get some ideas on a color scheme for a new website. I’ll have a few posts on color this week, so if you’re looking to find a new color scheme for your next site, stay tuned!

The first site I looked at for color schemes was ColourLovers and I came away duly impressed.

Colors, palettes and patterns can be viewed endlessly. Over 230,000 patterns and over half-a-million color palettes await your scores and comments.

The color community is thriving here with an active forum and lots of colors, patterns and palettes for free downloading.

Once you register with the site – it’s free – check out the palette maker. Under the Palette tab, click on Create New and start dragging colors from the color picker to the five spots just underneath Create a Palette. When you’re ready you can fill in some details for your final palette and add it to the community.

Colors are identified with their RGB and #hex equivalents, so it’s easy enough to plug those values into your css stylesheet or into The GIMP color picker when you need them.

There’s even more fun under the Patterns tab! Over a hundred patterns are ready for you to customize. – what a wonderful site!

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