How To Turn On JavaScript

Need instructions to enable JavaScript for popular browsers? Here’s how to activate javascript in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and iPhone browsers with simple step-by-step instructions for PC and MAC users.

Just before the closing body tag, don’t forget to put a set of <noscript> tag with some content telling the user what’s up. What follows is a suggestion that directs the user on how to improve their system. Another approach would be to offer alternative content that doesn’t require any scripts.


Hello! To see all the cool effects on this page, you need to activate JavaScript in your browser. JavaScript is required for interacting with many of today’s top Internet sites, so you may need to know how to turn javascript on. The directions are slightly different depending on which browser software you use.

Visit for directions on how to activate javascript. If javascript is not enabled in your browser, a message will appear at the top of the screen: Your JavaScript is disabled!. Follow the directions to activate javascript for the browser and operating system that you’re using. Javascript will be enabled the next time you start the browser.

If the software that you’re using to view sites on the Internet doesn’t have javascript capability, try another more modern browser, like Firefox. PC, MAC and mobile versions of Firefox are available for free download at