WordPress Plugin Review: Collapsable Blogroll

A client’s site was being updated and I needed to find a way to capture their blogroll into a page of links. Instead of manually inserting links and titles into a new page, I searched for a WordPress plugin to do the work for me. It would be desirable to have the links page be automatically updated when the blogroll was updated.

It took a little bit of searching to find the plugin called Collapsable Blogroll, but it does exactly what was needed. Downloading the file collapsable-blogroll.0.1.zip, unzipping it, uploading it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activating it via the wp-admin page went smoothly. No surprises there.

All you have to do is place <!–catlinkspage–> where you want your blogroll list of links to appear. It’s that easy! Put your links inside a post or a page — it’s your choice. By default the link list is separated into the categories of your WP blog and each list is shown in the collapsed state. Just click on the category name and the list will expand to show all your links.

I like the fact that you could add a new link to your blogroll via the wp-admin and it would show up right away on the links page.

The Collapsable Blogroll plugin works with WordPress 2.8. Thanks, Romain!

3 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Review: Collapsable Blogroll”

  1. Cool that you wrote an article about my plugin 🙂

    Well you should use Collapsing Blogroll and not Collapsable Blogroll. I’ll remove the other one as soon as I have a policy how to tell the users to switch to Collapsing Blogroll

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